Foreign beer list now online

The foreign beer list for the 45th Cambridge Beer Festival is now available. Need some help to find your way around the list? Here’s a handy list of foreign beer terms and what they might tell you about the nature of the beer.

Bar managers Toby Darling and Danièle Gibney welcome you to the foreign bar:

British ales are lovely, of course, but there is a whole world out there of wondrous beer variety that is well worth dipping into. Given we have only a small stretch of bar to showcase ‘the rest of the world’, we have to make sure we bring you the best. As always, we’ll have an eclectic mix of new and traditional, ranging from the benign to the bonkers. Please come and say hello.

On a slightly sadder note, this will be our final year as managers of the foreign bar. We’ve had an absolute blast bringing you some of our favourite beers, and discovering some new favourites along the way. We’ve made a lot of friends both behind and in front of the bar, and hope we’ll be able to shake hands with all our regular visitors at some point in the week – do try to catch our eye when you stop by.

Don’t forget, you can get many of our beers from the Bacchanalia shops in Cambridge, or from Beers of Europe in Setchey, Norfolk.
Prost! Proost! Santé!