Volunteer Spotlight – Mark Ostrowski

Mark Ostrowski
Mark Ostrowski

Mark explains how he’s enjoyed volunteering since 2004

I used to go to beer festivals and think, ‘you know, these things wouldn’t happen if there weren’t volunteers.’ I got chatting to someone and they said ‘why don’t you do it – it’s a good laugh!’ So I did, and it is good fun! There’s the camaraderie, and we all have something in common – we like beer. We’re looked after well; the food at the Cambridge festival is especially good.

At most of the beer festivals I go to I volunteer, about 12 each year. I work on the bar here in Cambridge as I do most places. It’s what I enjoy doing. You’re closer to the beer, and when it’s not too busy you get to chat with the customers as well.

I live in St Albans, so it’s a bit of a trek, but I wouldn’t keep doing the travelling if I didn’t enjoy it. I can’t impose myself on friends in Cambridge for the whole week, so I normally volunteer on the Tuesday and Friday. I usually stay over on Friday night, and sometimes I’ll work the Saturday as well.

I’ve been volunteering at the Cambridge festival since 2004. I’d been coming to the festival with my friend who lives here, but he couldn’t get the daytimes off work. So I began by volunteering at lunchtimes, and then meeting up with him in the evening. However, my friend now has a different job, so he can take the day off to come and volunteer as well!

Interested in helping out this year? The benefits include free food, some free beer and cider, a volunteer T-shirt and the chance to meet old friends and make new ones. Find out more.