Please note that the information on this page does not relate to the current festival.

A lot of time and research has gone into choosing the beers for this year’s beer festival and it has been hard work at times in order to bring you a range of the best beers on offer. Whilst the very dedicated cellar team, who will be working hard to ensure that the beer is well looked after.

The tasting notes here have come from various sources – CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide, the breweries or our own painstaking research. Unfortunately, for some beers we don’t have notes. This is generally because the brewery or beer is very new: in some cases, the festival is the very first time the beer has been made available.

Not every beer will be available at every session. Some beers take longer to settle – we want the beers to be in the best possible condition when we sell them. Towards the end of the week some of these will no doubt have sold out. Some beers are particularly limited in quantity, either due to the type of beer or the size of the brewery. There may also be beers available that aren’t on this list. The signs behind the bar on the end of the casks show exactly what’s available at any time, along with the prices and strengths.

Find out more about beer, different British beer styles, what you need to know about allergies, and don’t forget our foreign beer bar too.

44th Cambridge Beer Festival

The 44th Cambridge Beer Festival beer list is now available. Thanks to the volunteers on the beer selection team for putting together an excellent list.

Brewery bars

This year there will be brewery bars from Adnams, Bexar County, Grain, Three Blind Mice and Woodfordes. All are to the left as you enter the main tent.

Festival special beers

As always a number of breweries have made beers specially for this festival.

Moonshine Brewery have brewed a one-off brew in association with the the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute to highlight how recent advances in stem cell research are helping in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Some of the other locally brewed specials are:

  • Calverley’s Fall of Man
  • Castor Areopagitica
  • Grain Fallen Angel
  • Lacons Cambridge 44
  • Milton Pandemonium
  • Woodforde’s Twisted

Stout of the day

We have five different stouts from Bingham’s brewery – we’ll be serving a different one each day.

Gluten free beers

We always try and get a selection of gluten free beers. This year we have:

  • Nene Valley Brewery Mango Gose and Simple Pleasures
  • Stringers Plan B and The North (Will Rise Again)

Other reportable allergens will be listed on the signs as in previous years – ask the volunteers at the bar if you want to know more, or contact us. We’ll also include allergen information on the online beer list soon.

Vegetarian and vegan beers

Most beers contain finings which are made from fish. These are used to clear the beer – only trace amounts end up in the glass. A number of breweries are now brewing without finings, so the beers are vegetarian or vegan friendly. The following beers at the festival are vegan friendly:

  • All Bexar County beers
  • All Boudicca beers
  • All Calverley’s beers
  • Crafty Beers Sauvignon Blonde and Mild Mannered
  • Fat Cat Ginger Wheat
  • All Gyle 59 beers
  • Hardknott Nuclear Sunset
  • Three Blind Mice Bretted Cherry Flicker, Lady Grey IPA and Strawberry Sundae
  • All Windswept beers

The following beers are unfined but contain lactose, so are vegetarian but not vegan friendly:

  • Three Blind Mice Gigesa Gugi and Russian Blud


We have a number of beers in KeyKeg. They’re on their own bar to the left of the main tent. A few of the beers on the KeyKeg bar are also available in cask on the main bar so you can try them in both formats.

Main Bar

Most of the beer is arranged alphabetically on the bar by brewery name, starting at the left hand end of the main bar.