Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the information on this page does not relate to the current festival.

(Hopefully) Answers to commonly asked questions

Q: Do you still need volunteers?

A: YES We have over 300 volunteers, who selflessly work on all aspects of the festival, from setting up to taking down. We are still seeking volunteers to work in all areas of the festival. If you work a full session at the festival either behind the bar or in any other capacity we will give you a food and drink allowance as a thank you, there is more information on the volunteer page.

Q: Can I bring children to the festival?

A: Yes, children under 18 are welcome. They must be with a responsible adult – a 17 year old with an 18 or 19 year old friend is not sufficient. We’d just like to remind you that as with any licensed premises, it is illegal for under 18’s to buy (or attempt to buy) or consume alcohol. It’s also illegal to buy (or attempt to buy) alcohol for somebody under 18. Saturday is family day, when entertainments for children are also provided.

Q: Do I need to bring proof of age?

A: At the bars, the festival supports and operates the Challenge 21 scheme; if you are lucky enough to appear under 21, then please don’t be offended if you are asked for ID to check you are over 18. The only acceptable ID is a government issued photo ID (photo driving licence or passport) or a card showing the PASS Scheme hologram. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Q: Can I bring food or drink into the festival?

A: You are free to bring your own food into the festival, however, there is a wide a range of hot food vendors on site and the CAMRA Cheese counter provides an excellent range of cold products. Sealed and unopened non-alcoholic drinks are allowed such as water and canned drinks. Alcohol is not allowed to be brought in, if attempted items may be confiscated at the entrance.

Q: Is there a cash machine on site?

A: Sorry, but there is not a cash machines on site. Therefore, please make sure that you bring enough cash with you. There are also several banks nearby and pass-outs are available should you need to use a cash machine.

Q: Is the site suitable for wheelchairs?

A: Yes, the site is reasonable to navigate and we have many customers in wheelchairs every year. There are disabled toilets on site, more details here.

Q: Can I bring my dog to the festival?

A: Yes, dogs are allowed on site at all times but must be kept on a lead and must not be allowed to annoy customers (or other dogs). Many people sit on the grass and so we ask that you bring bags so that you can pick up dog mess.

Q: I lost something at the festival. What should I do?

A: We always find a selection of lost property at the festival and are keen to return it to its rightful owner. If you have lost something , please contact us.

Q: Where can I find out about allergens in your products?

A: For beers, ciders, mead and wine, please ask at the bar where the product is being served from – the volunteers will be able to advise. The food vendors are all independent operators and all should be displaying allergen information. Please see the allergens page for more information.

Q: I am vegetarian or vegan. What can I drink and eat?

A: Ask behind the bar for suitable beers for you. Some bottled beers and normally all ciders and wines are also suitable. The food vendors are all independent operators and will be able to advise you which foods are suitable. There is more information available here.

Q: Is it true that all of the bar staff are unpaid volunteers?

A: Yes, that is true, in fact apart from the brewery bar staff and food vendors, everyone else is an unpaid volunteer. The majority are from the Cambridge area but quite a few travel from other parts of the country, indeed the world, to work here and serve you with beer. However, if you are local, perhaps you’d like to consider volunteering to help ensure your festival continues to be held.

Q: I am a CAMRA member. Do I have to pay to get into the festival?

A: At Cambridge CAMRA beer festivals, currently, CAMRA members do not have to pay to get in. However, if you are local, perhaps you’d like to consider volunteering to help ensure your festival continues to be held.

Q: Are there beer tokens or is it a cash bar?

A: We do not operate a token system, so it is cash only at the bars, cheese counter, entrance and the glasses counter. Sorry, we are unable to accept card payments.

Q: Do you sell Lager?

A: Yes! But do not expect to see the mass produced brands that you might see in your local. There will be a selection of imported lagers available at the Foreign Beer Bar and a few British versions on the main bar.

Q: Will I have to queue to get in?

A: We endeavour to ensure that any queuing is kept to a minimum, however, if we reach our safety limit then we may have to go to “one out one in”.

Q: I have a question, but it was not answered here

A: Please do contact us with any questions or queries you may have.