Our data

JSON computer code for the beer list

The data for our drinks lists is available in json and csv format:


For a current festival, the beer data is usually updated at the end of each session, once the cellar team has measured the amount remaining. This is reflected in the status field.

Crunch it, analyse it, visualise it

These data feeds power the drinks lists on this website, and also the festival apps created for us by volunteer third party developers.

Can you do something interesting with our data? We’re interested to see what you come up with: let us know. For example, take a look at what MathWorks has done.

How do we manage this data?

We use a custom database. It’s hosted for us by the lovely people at Mythic Beasts: a privately owned hosting ISP with a focus on providing no-nonsense services to technically capable customers, backed by excellent technical support.

Can you help us?

We need a new volunteer database admin. We’re looking for someone to maintain and extend the code, including the database schema and accompanying software (scripts, web interface, etc). This is an ideal opportunity for someone who already has some database expertise, but is looking to extend their experience and enhance their CV.

The festival is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. They come from all walks of life and give up their valuable time to make the event a success. Without volunteers the beer festival would not take place.

Can you spare some time to help us? Get in touch.