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  • Gluten-free drinks
    A list of gluten-free beers at the 2024 Cambridge Beer Festival. Includes ABV, tasting note, and vegan-friendly indicator
  • Low and no-alcohol beer
    A list of the 21 alcohol-free beers at the 2024 festival. Includes tasting notes.
  • Cheers to 50 years of Cambridge Beer Festivals
    Press release: this year’s Cambridge Beer Festival is just around the corner. And we’re celebrating an important birthday.
  • 2024 programme
    Download a pdf of the 2024 Cambridge Beer Festival programme, which includes the British beer list.
  • Festival poster
    The poster for Cambridge Beer Festival 2024
  • This year’s British beer list
    Info about the 2024 British beer list
  • We need you!
    Volunteer at Cambridge Beer Festival 2024.


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