Each year Cambridge & District CAMRA offers a local charity the opportunity to raise funds at the Cambridge Beer Festival.

44th Cambridge Beer Festival

This year’s charity will be Blue Smile.

‘When you’re feeling unhappy, Blue Smile lets you burst out your feelings and everything. They turn things wrong into good things.’ Ethan, age 7

Today, nearly four UK children per class are thought to have a mental health problem. If left unsupported and untreated, these children are likely to continue to have worsening mental health problems into adulthood, with greater risk of academic failure and anti-social behaviour.

Blue Smile (a registered charity number 1139279) provides long-term expert counselling and mentoring in schools for children aged three to 13. As we tell children, big feelings get in the way of learning. We address the emotional difficulties that underlie many problem behaviours, so children can fulfil their true potential and have happier childhoods. We use fun, arts-based therapies, which engage the child in a non-threatening way, helping them to organise their feelings and process traumatic experiences.

Blue Smile currently work with nine partner schools (in deprived areas of Cambridge) and run a flexible outreach service all over Cambridgeshire.

Good mental health allows children and young people to develop the resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow into well-rounded, healthy adults. So far, their highly skilled therapists and mentors have helped over 500 children to be happier and feel better. For a vulnerable child, being understood and valued by a skilled caring and consistent adult is quite literally life changing.

Supporting BlueSmile at the Cambridge Beer Festival

Please help Blue Smile help local children by donating your spare change, either at the Blue Smile stand near the glasses stall, or to one of their volunteers around the festival with collecting buckets, or giving Blue Smile your glass when you’ve finished. With around 40,000 people expected to visit the festival this year – if everyone donated just £1, Blue Smile could support three Blue Smile teams in partner schools for an entire year, giving long-term help to nearly 70 vulnerable children directly, and supporting hundreds around them through calmer classes and better learning.

The BlueSmile team look forward to seeing you at the festival!
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