Volunteering FAQs

Cambridge Beer Festival volunteers

We hope we’ve answered your questions here about volunteering at the festival. If not, please contact the festival volunteering officer.

What is it like to be a volunteer?

Read this first-hand account from Mark.

Do I need to be a CAMRA member?

No. We welcome members and non-members.

How do I sign up?

Complete our volunteering form.

I do not have any experience of bar work. Can I still volunteer?

Yes. We’ll provide training for whatever you end up doing.

Do I get a choice of job?

We’ll do our best to give you a choice of job, but everything needs to be done. Some jobs are done on a rotation basis throughout the session.

Can I work with my friend(s)?

Small groups should be able to stick together for most (if not all) of a session.

Do I get food?

Volunteers get a free meal token that can be redeemed at the cheese counter or any of the food concessions.

Do I get beer (or cider, etc)?

Volunteers get some free beer (or cider, etc) for working during the open sessions. You can also buy additional beer tokens at a discounted price. During set up and take down the site is ‘dry’, while work is being done. Please moderate your drinking – if you drink such that you’re not capable of doing the job you’ll be asked to stop.

I do not drink alcohol. Does that mean I should not volunteer?

You’re very welcome to volunteer – we have free tea and coffee on site.

Can I stay on site overnight during the festival?

We have limited space for tents, and very limited space for caravans or motor homes. Please tick the box on the volunteering form if you’d like to camp. If you want to bring a caravan or motor home, or if you need electricity while on site, then please contact the festival volunteering officer well in advance.

Can I park on site?

Car parking space is extremely limited so we’d ask you to avoid bringing a car where possible. If you will need to park, please tick the box on the volunteering form.

Where is the volunteer entrance?

It’s just off Victoria Avenue.

Area map - volunteer entrance

More questions? Contact our volunteering officer.