2019 gluten-free food and drink

Pizza with pepperoni and olives


Main bar

  • Brass Castle – Fruit Lupe – Amarillo & Orange and Hazelnut Mild
  • Hop Back – Crop Circle
  • Nene Valley – Bible Black, Hop Stash and Russian Imperial Stout
  • Tempest – Long White Cloud

KeyKeg bar

  • Tempest – Long White Cloud


On our international beer bar, you’ll find Kosmic, a 0.0% gluten-free stout from the Nirvana brewery in east London.

Mead, cider and perry

All mead, cider and perry is naturally gluten-free.


Here are some of the gluten-free meal options at this year’s festival

  • Gluten-free bread is available to accompany the cheese on our cheese stall
  • Fired-up Pizza have gluten-free bases available
  • Paella from Azahar is gluten-free
  • At the Curry and Kebab King, the chicken balti and vegetable balti are made gluten free, but note the chilli powder they use is made in a factory that handles gluten. Ask for the balti with rice and not naan bread. The tharka dhall is also gluten-free.
  • At the falafel stall, ask for the gluten-free meze platter, which includes halloumi, salad, olives, red peppers and more
  • The coffee stand sells gluten-free tiffin, and orange and almond sponge cake
  • The fish and chips stand sells gluten-free chicken and chips (sorry, no longer guaranteed to be gluten-free)
  • At Daisy’s Diner the roast hog with apple sauce is gluten-free