CBF45 Vegan beers

Here are the beers at this year’s festival that we know are suitable for vegans. For tasting notes and updated availability information, see the main beer list.

  • All Day Brewing Co – all beers
  • Bexar County – all beers
  • Blackened Sun – all beers
  • Brass Castle – all beers
  • Calverley’s – all beers
  • Crafty Beers – all
  • Hornes – all beers
  • Kissingate – all beers
  • Mad Squirrel – all beers
  • Milton Nero
  • Rockhopper – all beers
  • Vibrant Forest – all beers

Also, wines from Giffords Hall are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. For tasting notes, take a look at the wine list.