Support our charity

A photograph of a green shoot emerging from a jar of coins

Every year the beer festival supports a charity. This year we’re helping the Cambridge Women’s Resources Centre (CWRC). The CWRC has a 40-year history, and donating will enable them to continue providing a safe space that has assisted many thousands of women across the decades.

The CWRC supports women through their welcoming and accessible community space on Sturton Street. They offer creative activities, food bank vouchers, advice on housing and benefits advice, access to grants and funds, and help for those who have experienced domestic abuse.

Harriet Morgan, CWRC’s chief executive, said ‘We are thrilled to be nominated as the Cambridge Beer Festival charity for 2024. It presents an enormous opportunity to generate vital funds that support the women who need us and help empower those looking to change their life for the better, while bringing a voice of hope and awareness to expand the work we do in Cambridgeshire.

‘Fundraising will ensure that we can continue helping women and the families they strive to support. We listen without judgement, provide information and offer a calming safe space. If something is causing you worry, or life is feeling overwhelming, then come and have a chat with our team.

Give the Cambridge Women’s Resources Centre your support by gifting them your used festival glass or unused tokens, donating directly through their JustGiving page, and joining in with the activities on their stand.