46th Cambridge Beer Festival wine list

Changes to this list can occur throughout the festival – some wines will run out before the end of the festival, and new wines may appear if we restock. We’ll endeavour to keep this as up to date as we can, including updating the status of each wine.

  • Coopers Croft Suffolk Pinot Noir Rosé 2018 11.5% A dry Pinot Noir rosé, with a simple floral nose, strawberry undertones and crisp finish. To be consumed young and enjoyed on a summer's day. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Dedham Vale Boxted, Colchester, Essex Romanus 2016 11.0% A crisp dry white wine with aromas of gooseberry, pear and freshly cut grass, and a refreshing finish in the palate. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Willow Lake 2018 11.0% A crisp refreshing floral and fragrant wine, bursting with apricot, citrus and elderflower. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Giffords Hall Suffolk Bacchus 11.0% Bacchus is becoming known as the UK's answer to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. The Giffords house style is dryer than most, but as it is so fruit driven it tends to be mistaken for a medium dry. East Anglian Bacchus is distinctive and has an aromatic, fresh green hedgerow quality. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Light Oak 12.0% This Fume is precisely what it says on the tin. The 3 year Burgundy barrels lend a very light touch of oak, which is all our delicate Reichensteiner blend needs to give it a buttery finish. The wine is fermented on the lees and stirred, which gives it clarity, extra depth and lovely grassy, green fruit and smoky flavours. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Madeleine Angeveine 12.0% A light and delicate floral bouquet leads to a refreshing burst of zingy lemon fruit on the palate with distinctive elderflower notes to follow. The finish is apple crisp and there is plenty of depth to the flavours along with a textured mouthfeel giving the wine more weight than the alcohol level suggests. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Rosé 11.5% Blended from Madeleine Angevine and Rondo grape varieties. Clear glossy peachy pink. Wild strawberry and roses on the nose, with distinctive cherry notes. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Sparkling Brut 12.0% Made over several vintages in there Traditional method, this fizz celebrates the floral and fruity characters of our English summers, softer on the mousse and fresh in style. Some of the blend is oak fermented and some in stainless with different components of largely Pinot Noir vintages. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Sparkling Rosé 12.0% Elegant and refreshing sparkling with attractive pink colour and clarity, a floral perfume, a creamy soft mousse, and delicious raspberry and redcurrant fruit notes. On the dry side but has a smoothness and fruit quality together with surprising mouth feel and length. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • St Edmundsbury 11.0% Classic Beaujolais style, made from Rondo and Pinot Noir grape varieties. This is an early drinking 'vin de pays', dry with great nose and length, full of summer fruits and beautifully made in the artisan style. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Lavenham Brook Suffolk Sparkling Brut 12.0% Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Suffolk Bacchus 2016 11.0% Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Suffolk Pinot Noir Rosé 2017 11.0% Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Warden Abbey Cardington, Bedford The Nonconformist 2016 12.0% Grape varieties: Reichensteiner, Müller-Thurgau, Bacchus, Regner. Bright fresh citrus aromas. Sweet fruit on the palate — grapefruit and tropical fruits, followed by fresh lime and lemon. Bone dry style less than 0.1g residual sugar/litre. Vegan and vegetarian friendly. Allergens: sulphites
  • Winbirri Vineyards Norfolk Bacchus 2018 ?.?% This grape variety could well be known as the Sauvignon Blanc of England! An elegant nose of grapefruit, passion fruit and floral characters. Tropical fruits backed with a clean crisp finish on the palate. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Norfolk Pink 2018 ?.?% Strawberry aroma rosé. Crisp palate of rounded fruit Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Pinot Noir 2016 12.0% English Pinot Noir is elegant cool-climate Pinot Noir at its best. Fragrant, soft and flavourful with aromas of ripe black cherries and sweet fruit tannins. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Signature 2015 12.5% This bold red is bursting with rich plum and dark-berry fruits; spicy with notes of coffee and blackberries and slightly toasted as a result of having been aged in oak barrels. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Solaris 2017 ?.?% Very pale lemon. Creamy, custard and lemon on the nose. Juicy yellow fruits, apples with a crisp balance and attractive nuance. Allergen information forthcoming.
  • Vintage Sparkling Reserve 2013 ?.?% Delicate and complex aromas of white peach, wild blossom and spice. The palate is finesse with wild strawberry and citrus fruit with a hint of brioche, all leading into a creamy seductive balance. Allergen information forthcoming.

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