44th Cambridge Beer Festival Perry List

This list is a hopefully accurate record of the perries that were served at the festival.

  • Apple Cottage Hertfordshire Pyder Baldock 5.0% Sharp, fruity.
  • Burnard's Norfolk Stray Pear 2 (Perry) 6.0% Soft tannins, fruity.
  • Cambridge Cider Co. Cambridgeshire President's Perry 6.5% Soft tannins, fruity.
  • Cleeve Orchard Herefordshire Perry 6.0% Soft tannins, clear.
  • Cromwell Cambridgeshire Cavalier Perry 6.4% Fruity.
  • Double Vision Kent Impeared Vision Perry 7.4% Clear.
  • Hereward Cambridgeshire est. 2003 Perry 6.5% Cloudy.
  • Pine Trees Farm Kent Pear of Dudda's Perry 5.0% Clear.
  • Potton Press Bedfordshire Pyder 7.0% Sharp, clear.
  • Ralph's Radnorshire Perry 5.5% Sharp, soft tannins, cloudy.
  • Rosie's Denbighshire Perry 5.5% Fruity, clear.
  • Simon's Cambridgeshire Gibson's Perry 6.6% Tannic, fruity, cloudy.
  • Whin Hill Norfolk Perry 5.6% Soft tannins, fruity, cloudy.