39th Cambridge Beer Festival Mead List

This list is a hopefully accurate record of the meads that were served at the festival.

  • Lurgashall West Sussex Banqueting Mead 11.0% Well balanced, with a very full, sweet honeyed flavour, but not overly sweet.
  • Dry Mead 15.0% Rich honey and caramel aroma, with a touch of citrus. Refreshingly dry and crisp, well balanced, honeyed taste.
  • Spiced Mead 13.0% Made using ingredients favoured by Elizabeth I, this has a medium sweet spicy taste with a crisp but balanced acidity.
  • Whisky Mead 20.0% Fortified with Scotch whisky, this has a sweet taste, with fine overlying tones of whisky and oak. Crisp but well balanced.
  • Maidenshair Battle, East Sussex Black Mead 11.5% Similar to the Dark Mead, but with added blackcurrant.
  • Dark Mead 12.5% A medieval style dark mead.
  • Sussex Boar Hunter Mead Liqueur 22.0% Dark mead fortified with spirits and herbs.
  • Moniack Inverness Moniack Mead 14.6% Made with heather blossom honey.
  • Vitis Hornton, Oxfordshire Monks Mead 14.5% Sweet, dark and rich.
  • Priory Mead 12.5% Light sweet and golden.
  • Spiced Mead 13.0% Honey sweet spiced mead.
  • Tournament Mead 13.0% Medium sweet and full flavoured.