Cambridge Beer Festival 2024 Perry List

This list is a hopefully accurate record of the perries that were served at the festival.

  • Blue Barrel Cambridgeshire Thorn (SV) Perry 6.5% Medium Sweet, Soft Tannins, Sherbert.
  • Burnard's Norfolk Stray Pear (Perry) 5.5% Medium Sweet, Fruity.
  • Cromwell Cambridgeshire Cavalier Perry 6.7% Medium, Soft Tannins.
  • Crone's Norfolk Norfolk Perry 6.1% Medium, Soft Tannins.
  • Hereward Cambridgeshire est. 2003 Grunty Fen Perry 6.0% Medium Sweet, Fruity.
  • Stretham A10 Perry 5.5% Medium Sweet.
  • Norfolk Raider Norfolk Perry-Winkle 4.0% Very Sweet, Sharp, Fruity.
  • Orwell Suffolk Pyder 7.0% Medium Sweet, Soft Tannins, Fruity, Sherbert, Cloudy.
  • Potton Press Cambridgeshire Pyder 7.0% Medium, Soft Tannins, Clear.
  • Simon's Cider Cambridgeshire Conference (SV) Perry 7.3% Medium, Sharp, Clear, Ask for a taster.
  • Pyder 7.1% Medium Sweet, Sharp, Fruity, Cloudy.
  • Roseberry Pyder 7.4% Medium, Cloudy.
  • Watergull Orchards Cambridgeshire Pear (Perry) 3.8% Sweet, Sharp, Fruity, Cloudy.
  • Whin Hill Norfolk Brandy (SV) Perry 5.8% Medium Sweet, Tannic, Fruity.