Cambridge Beer Festival 2023 Mead List

This list is a hopefully accurate record of the meads that were served at the festival.

  • Lindisfarne Holy Island, Nthumb Original 14.5% Dry/Sweet balalnce, light mead
  • Pink 14.5% Light mead with a hint of orange
  • Lyme Bay Devon Christmas Mead 10.0% All the spices of christmas mixed with honey for a sumptuous drink
  • Moniack Mead 14.6% Smooth rich caramel tones
  • Tournament Mead 11.0% Ginger and honey
  • Traditional Mead 14.5% Light traditional mead
  • Nidhoggr Yorkshire Elderflower 15.0% Elderflower balanced with honey.
  • Ginger & Chilli 15.0% Firey, yet smooth leaving a lasting warmth.
  • Lemon & Lime 15.0% Lemon and lime, bursting with citrus flavours followed by a hint of smooth honey.
  • Norfolk Amber Mead Norfolk Wildflower 14.0% Light and floral, a taste of the meadows
  • Woodland 14.0% Deep, moderately sweet, almost dry mead
  • Shire Meadery Juniper 5.5% Infused with juniper berries for a pine flavour to balance the sweetness of the mead
  • Light Mead 5.5% Semi-sweet mead, floral and fruity to start with gentle honey notes coming in after.
  • Sweet Borage 10.5% Made from Essex borage honey: botanical and fruity notes with a rich sweetness.
  • The Rookery Blairgowrie, Perths Midsummer Mead 17.0% Heady floral notes with hints of oats and malt.
  • Midwinter Mead 17.0% Oranges, fresh root ginger and frankincense. An authentic medieval taste of winter.
  • Mint Mead 17.0% Gentle and pleasing mint flavour