The Cambridge Beer Festival wouldn’t happen without the support provided to the festival volunteers by the following organisations.


We thank Gearset for sponsoring the Cambridge Beer Festival.

“Gearset is the only Salesforce release management tool focused on making your deployments succeed first time. With Gearset’s full suite of modern DevOps features and an easy-to-use UI, you’ll release faster and more reliably, no matter how sophisticated your process.”


We thank Solarflare (now Xilinx) for sponsoring the T-shirts for the Cambridge Beer Festival in recent years. Solarflare design, manufacture and sell software and hardware solutions that accelerate cloud data centre applications and electronic trading platforms.

Cambridge City Council

The open spaces team at the city council look after Jesus Green throughout the year. Without their support the festival would not be possible.

Wil-O-Cur Fire Safety

Wil-O-Cur Fire Safety provide the festival with essential fire safety equipment needed, along with professional advice and training.

Mythic Beasts

Mythic Beasts provide hosting for the festival’s website and the background IT systems that keep the festival running. When we need technical assistance the team at Mythic Beasts are always quick and helpful.

Chris Sales Fork Lift Truck Training Ltd

A team of professional trainers bring their mobile fork lift truck training centre to the festival site each year, ensuring the volunteers on our site team are fully trained and qualified.

Smart T’s

As well as running the T-shirt stall at the May beer festival, John from Smart-Ts is the man behind the logos from the last 16 years or so.