Please note that the information on this page does not relate to the current festival.

For beer and cider, in most cases suitability of a drink for those with coeliac disease, vegans and vegetarians is incorporated into the tasting notes in the beer list. The presence or absence of gluten will also appear on cask end signs with any other available allergen indications.

As with all allergies, please check you are happy with the suitability of a product for your particular requirements. Please ask at where the product is being served for more information. Any products listed here are subject to availability. If you feel you are having an allergic reaction, please contact our stewards for medical help.

Vegan beers

Generally these beers are unfined*, and the descriptions provided do not suggest that they contain any other animal products, so they could be suitable for vegans. There may be beers that, based on the allergen statements, indicate they are also suitable for vegans, but are fined*.

*What are finings?

Most real ales use finings to help in the clarification of the beer. A popular type of finings is isinglass, obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish. A few beers are sold unfined, though they don’t always claim to be suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Vegetarian beers

In addition to the beers that maybe suitable for vegans, some maybe suitable for vegetarians rather than vegans, generally because it is believed they contain lactose.

Some bottled beers and normally all ciders are also suitable.