44th Cambridge Beer Festival Mead List

Changes to this list can occur throughout the festival – some meads will run out before the end of the festival, and new meads may appear if we restock. We’ll endeavour to keep this as up to date as we can, including updating the status of each mead.

  • Crowded Hive Dorking, Surrey est. 2015 Crowded Hive Mead 12.5% Made from orange blossom honey, yielding a slight citrus taste, and oaked to lend depth.
  • Lindisfarne Holy Island, Nthumb Lindisfarne Mead 14.5% Light-coloured with a clean, light, floral honey flavour.
  • Lindisfarne Spiced Mead 14.5%
  • Lyme Bay Devon Christmas Mead 13.0% Christmas pudding spices in a glass.
  • Tournament 11.0% Dark and sweet, with a discreet hint of ginger.
  • Traditional Mead 14.0% Sweet, light and full-flavoured. A good mead to begin with.
  • West Country Mead 14.0% Medium sweet with a slightly dryer spiced edge.
  • Moniack Inverness Moniack Mead 14.6% Dark, rich, peaty mead made with water from the Scottish highlands.
  • The Rookery Blairgowrie, Perths Midsummer Mead 17.0% Heady and strong, with floral notes from meadowsweet, a flavour found in most Stone Age and Bronze Age meads. It has a bit of a malty/beery hint from the heather flowers.
  • Mint Mead 17.0% Sweet and fruity with a very gentle spearmint aftertaste.
  • Raspberry Mead 17.0% Medium dry with some tartness and a raspberry hint.
  • Spruce Mead 17.0% Citrus and zesty on the tongue, with woody fragrances.
  • Wild Cherry Mead 17.0% Medium dry, with a tart flavour. Earthy and present very much like a rosé wine.

Last updated: 25 May at 18:16