Please note that the information on this page does not relate to the current festival.

We’re delighted to host the latest in CAMRA’s Learning and Discovery initiative. Come and take part in these free events during the festival, and find out more about beer, cider and brewing.

Check out the events in the drop-in zone, and also in our dedicated pavilion.

Beers being poured from taps

Drop-in zone

Main tent, lunchtimes 12.00–15.00, evenings 17.30–19.00.

Monday 20 May

Come and tell us what CAMRA should be doing to help people learn more about beer, cider and perry.

Tuesday 21 May

Simon’s Cider: Exploring the effects of serving temperature on the flavour profile of their own cider, East Meets West – a 60 % blend cooking and eating and 40 % Dabinett cider apple.

Turpin’s: a brewer guided comparative tasting of their double gold winning smooth and full bodied Cambridge Black stout from cask and keg.

Wednesday 22 May

Bexar County: a brewer guided comparative tasting of their Scoby Doo mixed fermentation American wheat beer featuring Kombucha, lactose and summer berries, from cask and KeyKeg.

Thursday 23 May

Calverley’s: a brewer guided comparative tasting of their Special Hazy Pale from cask and keg featuring Simcoe hops.

Friday 24 May

Three Blind Mice: a brewer guided comparative tasting of their Mosaic single varietal hop beer from cask and KeyKeg.

Saturday 25 May

12.00–16.00 Gav Weedy from Ramsgate Brewery (aka Gadd’s) will lead a tasting comparing Gadd’s No.11 across can and KeyKeg. No.11 is a low ABV (1.2%) session beer: refreshing and full of flavour.

A man pours beer from a cask into a glass

Pavilion events

These events are held in the Fermentation Beer and Brewing Radio and Cambridge Beer Festival Learning and Discovery pavilion, near the front entrance. This programme curated by Emma Inch, award-winning beer writer and podcaster.

Monday 20 May

18.00–19.00 Introduction to the Queer Brewing Project

The Queer Brewing Project is a new non-profit collaborative brewing initiative led by artist and beer writer Lily Waite.

Inspired by the likes of Denmark’s Hops Not Hate and People Like Us, and London’s Craft Beer Cares festival, the project aims to use collaborative brewing as a vehicle for fundraising and conversation, raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and money for LGBTQ+ charities. Come and meet Lily and get a taste of Queer Royale, the project’s first brew – a collaboration with Bermondsey’s Affinity Brew Co – which is a Kir Royale-inspired pale ale, brewed with fresh blackcurrants and fermented with Champagne yeast.

Tuesday 21 May

13.00–14.00 Uncovering the mysteries of malt

Malted barley is one of the key ingredients of nearly every beer brewed. But what exactly is it, and what is its journey from field to glass?

Come and meet Colin Johnston, Crisp Malt’s Craft Brewing & Distilling Sales Manager, and get hands on with a key ingredient of your pint.

18.00–19.00 Leaving a smaller footprint

Brewing beer can leave a footprint on the world in terms of the natural resources consumed, energy expanded, and waste created. However, many in the brewing industry are coming up with effective and creative ideas to reduce that footprint.

Join Fergus Fitzgerald (Head Brewer at Adnams) and Colin Johnston (Crisp Malt’s Craft Brewing & Distilling Sales Manager) in discussion with British Beer Writer of the Year, Emma Inch, about the importance of sustainability and the importance of local ingredients.

Wednesday 22 May

13.00–14.00 The contemporary beer scene: what’s it all about and how can you get the most out of it?

The contemporary beer scene is a fast-moving environment with new trends seemingly around every corner. Learn how to make the most of tasting beer, and find out about collaborations, tap rooms, barrel-aging, low ABV beers and everything that modern progressive brewing involves.

With Andy Hipwell (Ampersand Brewery) and Emma Inch (British Beer Writer of the Year).

18.00–19.00 Real cider

What is real cider, how is it made and what are some of the different styles? The contemporary cider scene is having something of a renaissance which is great news for cider lovers new and old. Come along to find out all about the magic of the apple! With Simon Gibson (Simon’s Cider).

Thursday 23 May

13.00–14.00 How craft beer is leaving the city and heading back to its rural roots

The new wave of craft beer is sometimes associated with urban areas and city taprooms, but that’s not the full story. Come and hear how two highly-acclaimed breweries are drawing on traditional techniques and returning to brewing’s rural roots. Includes a free tasting!

With Miranda Hudson and Derek Bates (Duration Brewing), and Sophie de Ronde (Burnt Mill Brewery).

18.00–19.00 Wild and mixed fermentation

Come and find out more about the world of wild and mixed fermentation with a brewery that’s pushing the boundaries of these techniques. With Miranda Hudson and Derek Bates (Duration Brewing). Includes a free tasting!

Friday 24 May

13.00–14.00 A whole new world: advances in British hops

Exciting advances in hop development mean that new varieties of innovative British hops are becoming available for the first time.  

Charles Faram has been established as merchants of hops and hop products for over 150 years and is at the forefront of hop development. Come along and hear what’s new in the world of hops. Includes a free tasting!

18.00–19.00 The future of British beer

How are new ingredients and brewing techniques changing the pint in our glass? How do we balance tradition and  progress? What beers would we like to be drinking this time next year? British Beer Writer of the Year, Emma Inch, chairs a panel discussion about the future of British beer. Includes a free tasting!

Panel: Sara Barton (Brewster’s Brewery), Sam Calverley (Calverley’s Brewery), Georgia Goddard (Thirsty Cambridge) and Charles Faram Hop Merchants.