Cambridge & District CAMRA 43rd Cambridge Beer Festival

Monday 23rd—Saturday 28th May 2016

Welcome to the 43rd Cambridge Beer Festival, the longest running CAMRA Beer festival and currently one of the largest regional Beer festivals in the UK.

We are very proud of our festival, we put a lot of time and effort into making it the best we can. We hope that you visit us and have an enjoyable time.

We will be again offering the opportunity to purchase your Beer and Cider in 1/3rd of a pint measure and thus our festival glasses will be lined at 1/3rd of a pint, as well as half and pint lines.

That is it for the 43rd outing of the Cambridge Beer Festival ... we finally cleared the site around 5pm on Friday 3rd June 2016. Unfortunately, we were not as fortunate to have a repeat of previous years good weather. However, despite the rain showers and the variable temperatures during the week, there were several sunny periods, which helped encouraged over 41,000 visitors to visit to the festival, making the 43rd one of the best ever festivals.

You consumed over 86,000 pints of Beer, some 13,000 pints of cider and perry, 9,300 pints of foreign beer and 1,600 bottles of mead and wine, totalling over 110,000 pints in total. But let's not forget that you consumed a tonne of cheese, 100's of loaves of bread, boxes and boxes of crisps, thousands of pork pies, scotch eggs and a quarter of a tonne of pork scratchings.

The team from Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust (ACT), this year's Festival Charity, had a fantastic week with us and raised over £16000 to help fund their excellent work. From everyone at Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust (ACT) and the festival team, a big thank you to everyone who donated.

We would like to apologise for the for the queueing on Thursday, and especially on Friday evenings. However, once again we were extremely short of volunteers and unfortunately, that resulted in a closure of a bar on Friday night due to lack of volunteers, so if you enjoyed the festival, please consider helping us run your festival in the future.

We hope you had a good time and will be joining us again next year. In the mean time, we look forward to seeing you all, visitors and volunteers, again at our next event, the Cambridge & District CAMRA 10th Cambridge Octoberfest in October on Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th October 2016 at the University Social Club.

The Beer and Cider of the festival

This year, the visiting public voted Cambridge Brewing Company - Chicken Porter & Harveys - 1790 Prince of Denmark, as joint Beer the festival, third place was Siren Broken Dream.
Simon's Cider - COX!!! was their Cider of the festival and the perry of the festival was Apple Cottage Pyder Buldock. The Mead of the festivalis Spruce Mead from Rookery.

We would just like to thank the local residents and the users of Jesus Green for their continuing support, consideration and understanding whilst the festival is on Jesus Green.

Thanks also go to our loyal and hard working volunteers for their continuing hard work to make the Cambridge Beer Festival a real success. We could not have done it without you, and we hope that you will volunteer again this year. THANK YOU one and all.

About the festival

The Cambridge Beer Festival was first held in 1974 and is the branch's largest and its main Beer festival. During its long run, the festival has had several homes but since 2001 has been held on Jesus Green in late May. The festival is the United Kingdom's longest running CAMRA Beer festival and currently is one of the largest regional beer festivals in the UK. The festival features a wide range of local and national beers of all styles, as well as cider, perry, mead, wine and bottled & draft beers from around the world, with it's now famous CAMRA cheese counter, where a very wide range of fine cheeses, together with locally produced bread, pork pies, ham and other savoury items are available. The Cambridge Beer Festival has become over the years an international event, with visitors from Europe, China, Canada, USA and a regular attendee from Mexico.