Cambridge Beer Festival Suppliers

The Cambridge Beer Festivals, especially the summer festival, would simply just not happen without the excellent support provided to the festival volunteers by the following local companies and organisations.


Neul have generously supported the Cambridge Beer Festival in providing the festival with essential internet access via their innovative technology that uses white space radio to access the high quality spectrum needed for a truly ubiquitous wide area network. The festival were especially, pleased with the fast data rates, reliability and speedy support provided by Neul.

Trevor Page Marquees

Trevor Page not only provides the festival with the extensive marquees required to house the festival and the tables and chairs used throughout the festival. Trevor Page also arranges the provision of other essential site services, including fencing, power, lighting, PA System and roadways.

Wil-O-Cur Fire Safety

Wil-O-Cur Fire Safety, provides the festival with the essential fire safety equipment needed. The festival organisers, would also like to thank the Wil-O-Cur Fire Safety team, for generously providing free certified fire training for the voluntary festival staff.

Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Council, especially the Leisure and Entertainment team, through their continued support of the festival's use of Jesus Green.

Cambridge Bar Supplies

As well as running the coffee stall at the May beer festival, Cambridge Bar Supplies, provide the festival with essential food and drink supplies, whilst co-ordinating the supply of festival glasses.


Cambridge Mobile Communications Ltd., provide the festival with the necessary radio communication equipment needed by both the Cambridge Beer Festival and the Cambridge Winter Ale Festival.

AmeyCespa East

AmeyCespa East works with the festival to help make the festival as green as possible, providing a variety of waste skips and wheelie bins allowing the festival to arrange for the recycling of cardboard and glass.

Latta Hire Limited

Latta Hire Limited, supply the festival both the public and staff toilets, together with staff showers. Latta work with the site team to ensure that this essential service is available through out the three weeks that the festival takes place. Latta Hire Limited also, provide the essential office space, temporary cooling space from 20 foot chiller containers, inflatable igloo, trailer fridges to point of sale fridges.

Smart T's

As well as running the t-shirt stall at the May beer festival, John from Smart-Ts is the man behind the logos from the last 10 years or so. The logo design is one of the first things to get started for each festival. The organiser can normally be seen chatting to John over a beer about the logo for 12 months' time.