Cambridge & District CAMRA 19th Cambridge Winter Ale Festival

Thursday 22nd—Saturday 24th January 2015
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Porter The Penguin Enjoys a Snowball Fight
Welcome, to the 19th Cambridge Winter Ale Festival, Cambridge & District CAMRA's winter Beer Festival.

We are very proud of our festival, we put a lot of time and effort into making it the best we can, we hope that you visit us and have an enjoyable time.

About our Festival

The Cambridge Winter Ale Festival had a brief outing in 1986, before starting it's current run in 1997.

The Winter Ale Festival is generally held in late January at the University Social Club, Mill Lane, Cambridge, we are pleased to be working with the excellent team at the USC (University Social Club) to bring you the Cambridge Winter Ale Festival.

That is the festival over for this year, a big thank you to the 2500 plus visitors who came to the 19th Cambridge Winter Ale Festival and for making it a great success. We hope that you enjoyed yourself and that you found something to your liking, whilst you polished off some 6000 pints of British Real Ale. Thanks go to our loyal poor unpaid hard working volunteers without whom, there wouldn't have been a festival and for helping make the Cambridge Winter Ale Festival a success.

We hope to see both customers and volunteers, again at the 42nd Cambridge Beer Festival from Monday the 18 to Saturday the 23 May 2015 on Jesus Green, Cambridge.