Cambridge & District CAMRA 10th Cambridge Octoberfest

Friday 14th—Saturday 15th October 2016

Kein stein Welcome, to the 10th Cambridge Octoberfest, Cambridge & District CAMRA's youngest Beer Festival.

We are very proud of our festival, we put a lot of time and effort into making it the best we can.

The planning is now coming together as we move into the set up phase, with only a few days until we open the open the doors for the festival on Friday 14th October 2016.
Set up has been progressing well, with the British Beer and some of the Cider having arrived and are they now settling in their new home under expert care of the cellar team.

A big thank you to our loyal and poor unpaid hard working volunteers for helping to run this and previous festivals; and for helping make the festivals a great success.

About the festival

The Cambridge Octoberfest was first held in 2007. This festival is the branch's smallest and its youngest beer festival. Everyone has heard of the Oktoberfest in Munich (Munchen), and regard it as a big beer festival. Whilst the Oktoberfest in Munich (Munchen) is a large beer festival, there are only 6 breweries that are allowed to participate. These are the 6 breweries of Munich and consist of Augustinerbräu, Hacker-Pschorr Bräu, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulanerbräu and Spatenbräu. The event itself is a celebration of Munich life, but being Bavarians a lot of beer is consumed !

We have created an event that emulates the Munich Beer Festival, but in a much, much smaller scale. Now in its 10th year, our Octoberfest is a small, but good event.

For the 10th outing for the Cambridge Octoberfest, organised by Cambridge & District CAMRA, we are planning to have all the Munich Oktoberfest beers and many other Bavarian beers on draught.

We have a range of around 35 locally and regionally produced beers, with some providing Octoberfest-style beers. Crafty Beers have brought along their ever popular Sauvignon Blonde as well their Mild Mannard. Moonshine Brewery will have the 9th Moon in their Moon Series, 10 Carrot Gold. As well as a new beer, Trouble Maker, which has been brewed in the style of a Belgium Abbey Dubbel. Whilst the Son of Sid Brewery at Little Gransden, have supplied us with a German Larger styled beer. We have a wide range of beers on offer, bitters, mild, porters, golden etc., so we hope that there is something for everyone.

For those that like cider, Cromwell, Pickled Pig, Simon's Cider will be providing some of their excellent ciders.

The Cambridge Octoberfest needs you!

The Cambridge Octoberfest is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, without our volunteers the beer festival would not go on. We are always in need of volunteers, even if you can only do one shift or even just a few hours to cover meal breaks, it would help us tremendously.

You can get more details on the volunteering page.

The Octoberfest Poster

We would like it very much if you could display the festival poster at your place of work, social club or village/community notice board. You can download a PDF of the Octoberfest Poster. Alternately, if you're in the Cambridge area we can get printed posters to you - please drop us an email on and we'll arrange to get some to you.